Those who get their cell phones accidentally damaged by water usually try different ways to turn them on. Even though smartphones and tablets have advanced in many ways as per the mobile technoogy that is offered on them, these gadgets are still vulnerable to exposure to moisture, espcially water. If one drops their phone accidentally in a bowl of water or gets water splashed on them, they need to take measures to get their phones repaired immediately.

How to contain the damage

In many instances, reaching a repair service at the time of the accident is not possible. For these reasons, there are some measures that one can take which can prevent further damage from occurring as well as help one to get their phone fixed without having to incur extra costs. One such measure is taking the phone apart and removing the battery and the SIM card from the back immediately after the accident happens and the device gets exposed to water. Depending on the amount of seepage, the damage is done. Often, if one takes the device out of the water immediately and dries up the different components by opening the back, they will find the phone working after they put it back together.

Precautions to take

There are precautions to be taken if the seepage is extensive. If the phone or tablet is immersed in water accidentally, one needs to open up the device from the back, remove the battery and the SIM card and allow the parts to dry. One can blot out the excess moisture from the parts with a tissue paper or use a blow dryer. Keeping the parts exposed to direct sunlight can also work. Some even recommend that the parts be kept in a bowl of rice, which is known to absorb excess moisture.

Getting professional help

When these measures do not work, one should not delay in getting to the nearest iPad repairs service or store. As Apple devices are expensive, they need to be repaired or serviced as soon as possible to contain the extent of damage done. Nowadays, mobile repairing services are also available. They have pickup and drop facility for customers and one can conveniently hand over their devices and get their devices repaired and dropped off at their address by the service representatives.

Coverage and guarantee

Even though mobile insurance policies are in vogue, one needs to go through the fine print in case of this kind of damages. Often damages from water is not covered in the terms of insurance or in the warranty provided by the cell phone manufacturer. As a result, it is important to get the damaged devices with a mobile phone repair service quickly so that the damages can be contained. Again, these services also help on up gradation of software and in removing corrupted software or unlocking Apple devices. This process is done as per the norms established and without violating the warranty terms. In these ways, the mobile phone repair services come of use in tablet and mobile phone users.