Phone Services

Phone Services


If you mobile phone has broken, is getting slow, old, or you simply fancy a change, you may find yourself looking for a newer, more updated mobile phone handset. Buying a phone can be expensive, and it pays to do some research first in order to find the cheapest possible handset that fits all your requirements and does the job that you need it to.

Ask Your Network

If you have a mobile phone on contract with a network, it is worth enquiring with them first whether or not you can upgrade your phone. If you are happy with your current mobile phone monthly contract price, depending on how long you have had your current contract, some networks will allow you to get a new phone for free. Others will let you upgrade your handset for a fee which is usually significantly less than the price of buying a new handset. If you choose to upgrade your phone, you are usually allowed to keep your old handset, meaning that you will be able to sell your mobile phone and make some money as well.

Trade It In

If you can’t get a new phone through your mobile phone network or don’t want a contract, there are many companies which allow you to trade in your mobile handset for money or another phone. You will usually be expected to trade in your mobile for one of the same value, so if you are looking for a newer, more expensive phone, be prepared to be asked to pay some cash in addition to trading in your existing handset. However, if you are looking for a phone similar in value to yours but just want a change, opting to sell your mobile phone to a trading company is an ideal and inexpensive option. Be aware, however, that the new phone will most likely be second hand, so ensure that you ask about warranties and/or take out some form of insurance on your new phone.

Auction Sites

Auction and classified sites such as eBay are often an excellent place to find a new phone at a cheap price. Most phones will be second hand, so always ensure that you check the condition of the phone, as some sellers do list phones that are unusable for buyers wanting to purchase broken phones for spares and repairs purposes. Always request photos of the handset before you bid of commit to buying a phone, as you will be able to clearly see any defects that the phone may have. If you do find an inexpensive phone that meets your requirements but has some slight defects such as small scratches, it may be worth buying it as these are usually easy and cheap to fix. Check with phone repair shops first to get a general idea of how much you can expect to pay, as often, buying slightly damaged phones and fixing them is a much cheaper alternative to buying a brand new mobile phone handset.

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